Tuesday, October 8, 2013


brandy melville sweater + free people skinnies + h&m coat + beanie from nasty gal + ecote flats  

A month and a half late is better than never! Here are some photos from when I went to San Francisco for a few days back in August. Uploading these photos just makes me miss this beautiful city even more and crave the only coffee I will ever drink, Philz! I thought it was only appropriate to include multiple photos of their Mint Mojito Coffee seeing how I had it everyday during my visit, and since I labeled this post "diary" I want to give you guys the best account of what I was up to! Anyway, my apologies for the minimum amount of fashion related photos. Heh, I'm camera shy with my friends sometimes. Besides seeing amazing artists perform at Outsidelands, my days in the bay were mostly spent discovering the city's eateries. One place that stood out to me and somewhere I'd love to go back to is Gregoire, an adorable takeout spot owned by a genuinely nice French man. His accent is so thick that you can barely understand what he is saying but nevertheless there is that warm feeling of hearing a French accent. The menu changes monthly but one consistent item are the potato puffs (pictured above), which you must get if you go! Oh, and Philz Coffee, of course, is another must to try. I can't even explain...all I can say is that I even considered moving to San Francisco so that I could have their coffee every morning, which says a lot because I hate coffee! Besides munching at new places, I wasn't able to play tourist as much as I wanted to but that just means that I must go again!

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