Monday, August 5, 2013


sweet hook by china glaze x queen of everything by sephora by o.p.i.

I first applied Sweet Hook by China Glaze and then lightly brushed Queen of Everything on the tips of my nails. Pictured above is my left hand, aka the hand that looks better since I'm right handed. The metallic tips were a lot easier to do on my left hand and it only required one stroke. My right hand, however, took a bit more precision and patience. I actually wanted the metallic to be a little darker but the only darker metallic I had was a black. Mental note to get a darker metallic next time I'm nail polish hunting! An easier way to do these tips is with metallic sharpies! Gotta try that out next time! A quick note about China Glaze: I prefer this brand over Essie because it dries a lot better and faster. I find myself having to wait many hours before my nails are completely dry when I use Essie, so I'd recommend going with China Glaze if you're short on time.

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