Monday, October 28, 2013


Here is a very easy and simple tutorial for those of you who are grossed out by pumpkin guts! This is even doable for those who are artistically challenged. I actually saw a pretty amazing pumpkin that was painted and glittered at the children's center I work at. The toddler who did it splashed black paint all over the pumpkin and dumped orange glitter all over it. Sounds like a mess but it looked pretty great seeing how it was done by a three year old. Have fun with your pumpkins! 

1) Buy pumpkins of your choice! 
2) Pick out paintbrushes and paint!
3) Grab the stems of the pumpkins and go Picasso on them! 
4) Shower your pumpkins with glitter (I chose translucent) while the paint is still wet.
5) Wait to dry and voila! 

Smaller pumpkins are easier to work with and so are ones with stems. 
Buy cheap paintbrushes!
Paint the sides first, not the bottom. After the sides have dried, go ahead and do the bottom.
Glitter on top of newspapers for an easy clean up.

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